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Erin MacPherson

EViE Financial Head of Operations


Erin is a fun-loving mother of one with a profound interest in anthropology, sociology, and interpersonal communications. These pursuits led her to discover her natural love for coaching, teaching, and helping others find their own paths based on what is most important to them.

Her professional background is in marketing, communications, finance, and professional coaching, and her passion for helping people and her love of the finance industry are what inspired her to join the EViE Financial team. She is absolutely thrilled to be in a place where her skills can positively impact people on a daily basis. 

Erin uses her passion and experience to help steer the EViE Financial team toward our mutual goals, and to ensure that clients experience the same guidance and support in their partnerships with us.

Erin and her son love superhero movies, Thai and Italian food, camping, trivia, and going to the zoo or the museum. They often spend their free moments playing chess or cards with each other — Erin’s son usually wins, much to her chagrin!


The pair have two very mischievous cats, a gerbil, two pet reptiles, an excessively obstinate but good-natured horse, and approximately 75 houseplants, though that number seems to grow by the day. 


Erin’s spare time is spent designing and making all kinds of things from her ongoing list of ideas. Her favorite hobbies are clothing and costume making, cooking, painting, and, as you might expect, gardening!

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