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Wealth Management Services

For many, wealth management, also referred to as investment management, is an overwhelming topic to tackle solo. The combination of understanding the countless complexities of investment selection and the time required to do necessary research can quickly become overwhelming. Not to mention the fact that ongoing monitoring and adjusting are necessary to keep a portfolio in line with risk tolerance, the purpose of the account, and prevailing market conditions. This is where a trusted wealth manager comes in.

At EViE Financial, we take ownership of these duties when it comes to client investment accounts, managing the process from start to finish. With wealth management from the advisors at EViE Financial, clients receive the following benefits:

  • Independent approach to selecting investments, meaning we are not limited to proprietary investment options.

  • Goal-based approach to designing and implementing investment management, meaning we talk in-depth about what clients want or need from their investments.

  • The ability to align investments with personal values and important issues, meaning we focus on social and sustainable investment selection when possible, integrating environmental, social, and governance factors into our process.

  • No account minimums, meaning we make wealth management accessible to everyone who needs or wants it.

  • Investment management for both qualified and non-qualified accounts, meaning we can help you on your road to retirement, funding college expenses for a child or grandchild, building an investment portfolio for the future, or simply creating wealth over the long term.

  • Tax-efficient management of portfolios, meaning we work to minimize the impact of taxable gains and distributions while harvesting the tax benefits of losses.

  • The ability to pursue philanthropic goals through investing, meaning we can help design a portfolio with impact for clients’ charitable endeavors.

  • Always-on support from a dedicated team, meaning we’ll answer the phone when you call.

  • Transparent pricing for wealth management services, meaning you will know the cost upfront.

  • Education and explanation at every turn, meaning we want our clients to know the why and how of the process.

  • Integration of investments into the “bigger picture” financial plan, meaning we work to ensure investments are positioned to complement your whole financial life.

With these features, wealth management is most appropriate for individuals, families, and organizations that do not have the time, resources, or desire to do it on their own. But, that doesn’t mean clients are left in the dark. At EViE Financial, our advisors take time to educate wealth management clients so they feel empowered with their investment plans and strategies. We want to work as collaborators and partners with our clients every step of the way, and we take pride in ensuring clients feel that connection.

The EViE Wealth Management Process
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One of the reasons working with an expert to manage investments can be a bit intimidating is because it can be difficult to know what’s needed and when, and how the many parts of your investment strategy will actually work to help you reach your goals.


At EViE Financial, our advisors follow the same step-by-step process with each and every investment client, so you always know what to expect from us. Whether you have $1,000 or $10 million, we will provide clear communication, reasonable and actionable steps, and the implementation of a strategy that is tailored to your own unique needs.

Here are the steps we follow for new and current wealth management clients:

  • Financial analysis to uncover the client’s financial position, goals for the future, and reason for investing

  • Risk tolerance discussion to determine how much risk the client wants to take on in an investment account/approach

  • Selection of investments for the account, based on risk tolerance, purpose, and values

  • Implementation of portfolio design

  • Ongoing monitoring and adjusting as needed

  • Semi-annual performance review with your advisor

Curious about the EViE wealth management process and how it benefits you? Reach out to us today. We offer a no-cost consultation to discuss these features in more detail and get to know what you are looking for in an investment partner.

Interested in aligning your investments with your values or mission? Take a few moments to complete our values survey to learn more about ways to “put your money where your morals are.”

Thinking about getting started with us on the wealth management track, but want to know more about costs first? We’ve got you covered. Our investment management fees range from 1% to 1.5% of the account value, annually. 

No matter your investment goals, we are here to lend a hand. Reach out to learn more, or to start the process!

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