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Elizabeth Miller

EViE Financial Associate Advisor


Elizabeth Miller joined our team as an Associate Advisor with over four years of industry experience. She grew up in Texas as part of an immigrant family, with the constant stream of new entrepreneurial endeavors humming in the air. 

With a family history of reinvention and perseverance, Elizabeth comes to finance as a second career. She began her professional life in classical music performance, teaching, and vocal research, but financial stressors were seemingly always top of mind. Finance became the ultimate outlet for Elizabeth to fulfill her inner desire to help people reach the goals that matter most to them.

She believes in the importance of having non-judgmental, solution-oriented conversations around money early on. Whether it’s an individual, a multi-generational family, or a growing business, she’s committed to fostering constructive discussions around money.

As a member of a family of entrepreneurs, she enjoys working through the complexities of small to medium-sized companies. To that end, Elizabeth conducts Business Valuations offering business owners a compass to steer their strategic growth and retirement planning.

Elizabeth is a fiduciary and holds her FINRA Series 7 and Series 66 licenses, as well as her life insurance license. She has spent a lifetime learning, holding a master's, bachelor’s, and post-graduate certificates, and she will likely find more expensive paper to add to her wall in the coming years. Ultimately, Elizabeth is committed to knowledgeably serving her clients for a more comprehensive planning experience. Passionate about empowering her community, Elizabeth takes pride in fostering educational events to encourage well-informed, composed financial decisions.

She is based in Richmond, VA, having relocated with her family from Texas after falling in love with the “big-little city” nestled between the ocean and the mountains. In her spare time, Elizabeth loves going on family adventures with her husband, son, and now senior dog. Together, they love exploring the area like tourists, taking in all the region has to offer.

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