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Podcast Guest Appearance: Melissa’s Money Mantra and Why E, V, i & E Matter to Us

Melissa was a recent guest on Cambridge Stronger, a podcast hosted by CEO Amy Webber of Cambridge Investment Research, and had the opportunity to discuss quite a few interesting and lesser-known facts about her life, her values, and what she has always loved about helping people succeed.

Melissa’s entrance into the financial industry was almost entirely by chance and, as it turns out, incredibly serendipitous. She now knows that everything from her chance beginnings at a credit union to the many directions she’s explored within the financial industry (and other aspects of her life) have been meaningful steps on the path that led her to create EViE Financial, and to ultimately design her services around what she cares about most: educating and empowering others to reach their financial goals.

In her work with the members of the credit union and throughout the formative years of her career as an advisor in other financial groups, Melissa connected very strongly with the idea that the world of finance can be far more human than most people realize. Educating and empowering people is a huge part of what helps them reach their own version of financial success, and those centers of focus are heavily shaped by interpersonal relationships, deeply personal goals, cultural and social aspects of our lives, and even biases. These are critical components of tailoring well-rounded financial advice to a specific person, and Melissa wanted to do even more of that.

Enter: EViE Financial.

E, V, i, and E

Not to be cheesy about it, but EViE Financial is more than just a name; it’s an intentional and meaningful way to communicate what matters most to us. When Melissa founded EViE, she had these four foundational concepts in mind:

  • Education is the cornerstone for lasting success, and should be accessible to everyone. Everyone should have the tools and knowledge they need to make sound decisions that make their financial goals achievable.

  • Vitality is the kind of energy and excitement we want to help instill in everyone we work with; finances don’t have to be negative, stressful, or boring! We want your financial goals to be so actionable and attainable that you’re excited at how reachable they are.

  • Independence in how we work with our clients is important to us — this is why Melissa started EViE Financial. We’re an independent office, which means we have the freedom and flexibility to provide advice and guidance that is best for you and your goals. Additionally, helping our clients reach their own goals for financial independence is a crucial component of what we do!

  • Empowerment means that no matter where you are in your financial journey and where you’re heading, we want to see you succeed on your own terms, and with the confidence that you’ll be able to maintain your own version of success.

Melissa’s Money Mantra

Another fun topic that you’ll hear Melissa discuss on this podcast episode is her own personal money mantra, and how she came to find it.

“Earn All You Can, Save (and Invest) All You Can, Give All You Can” seems simple at first glance, but there’s nuance to it. Earning, giving, and saving or investing will all look different depending on your own financial picture, and this mantra at its core is meant to feel accessible and realistic.

Earning looks different for everyone, and the demands on those earnings will also vary from person to person! Resultantly, spending, saving, and investing will be deeply individual concepts and should be treated as such. One-size-fits-all is not a productive concept in most scenarios, especially where money is concerned.

And finally, giving! Many people truly love to give — it just feels good to show love and to help support something or someone who matters to us. Even this, though, will look very different depending on who you are, what matters to you, and how you like to give! Do you enjoy sharing gifts or money with family and friends? Do you own a business and want to share the wealth in positive ways with your team? Do you want to prioritize donating to causes that matter to you? Or maybe you just want to set aside some money for your child’s future. These are all choices that will factor into your holistic financial picture in a variety of ways.

These topics and many more are discussed in more detail on the podcast. We invite you to listen and share your thoughts!

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