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Coronavirus and Your Travel Plans

Coronavirus is continuing to spread worldwide since its origination in China. The virus has entered countries in the Middle East, countries in Europe and even America. It is important to consider what to do about traveling internationally with the outbreak of coronavirus. The Center for Disease Control can help you in tracking where there are widespread cases of coronavirus across the world. Currently, the main country to avoid traveling to is China. South Korea and other countries in the eastern Asian region should also be avoided. It is important to always be aware however. Continue reading below to learn more about how current and future travel plans could be affected.

Existing Travel Plans

It is completely understandable if you would rather not travel internationally, especially to Eastern Asia, while this coronavirus outbreak is underway. Unfortunately, however, getting a refund may not be possible. It is important to contact the airline and the airport of your flight to ask about a potential refund or other options available.

Some airlines are providing refunds for trips to China. Others are offering free route changes only if a layover was where outbreaks have occurred. Hotels are more readily able to provide refunds if you cancel your trip according to the guidelines set forth in the booking contract. Cruise ships have also been understanding in providing free tickets for another cruise. Some even have offered refunds. Travel insurance does not provide very significant assistance in providing refunding or modifications for existing travel arrangements. It really depends on your specific policy, however, especially if you have a cancel for any reason benefit. It is still possible, however, that you may not have this benefit or that the benefit may only offer credit or partial refunds.

Future Travel Plans

It is important to consider the spread of coronavirus when thinking about future travel plans as well. It is always important to make sure you are protected in case an outbreak occurs where you are headed and you have to cancel. This can be done through making reservations where refunds are possible. It may be more expensive to book travel arrangements where refunds are allowed, but it will be well worth it if things have to change. Double check before submitting you are booking to make sure that you have gotten a refundable booking. When booking an accommodation that is able to be refunded, you can easily make travel changes.

Waiting Patiently

Some individuals have already booked international trips in which they are not sure what is going to happen. It is important to wait patiently as many of these trips required a lot of money. Be patient as things could change at a moment's notice. Be sure to keep up with the latest updates of the spread of the coronavirus through the Center of Disease Control. It is also important to ensure you are watching the news to ensure the destination of your trip or your layovers are not where there are outbreaks of the coronavirus occurring. Be sure you check to see that all of your sources are legitimate, however, and be ready to make travel changes if necessary.

Stay Informed

The spread of coronavirus is a scary threat to many international travel arrangements and plans for many individuals. It is important to consistently monitor the spread of the virus and where current outbreaks are. Be ready to make plans if plans need to be made, and be sure to book arrangements that allow for refunds. If you have already booked arrangements, call airlines, hotels, cruise-lines and rentals to know what to do in case the coronavirus spreads to the area in which you are traveling to.

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