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Money Stories - The Right Path Is Seldom A Straight Line

Melissa discusses following your own compass in the world of finance — and in life — on a recent episode of the Kick It Open podcast.

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Melissa recently joined co-hosts Shelby Nicholl and Stephanie McCarthy for a fun and enlightening episode of the Kick It Open podcast, which focuses on unsung but highly important members of the wealth management industry, especially women and people of color. 

The always-engaging podcast sheds much-needed light on the many aspects of the finance industry that are, necessarily, undergoing evolutions as the industry itself comes up against changing demographics, fresh mindsets, and new perspectives brought on by the modern economic landscape.

In this episode, Melissa delves into the whole-human approach to wealth management and financial planning that she’s developed and fostered at EViE Financial and in her nearly two decades in the finance industry. She discusses how “money stories,” the financial experiences felt by a person throughout their life (yes, even in childhood!) can play a critical role in shaping their overall financial confidence.

What’s Your Money Story?

We all have a history with money and, for a vast majority of us, money and finances — especially financial decision making — can carry a lot of negative mental weight. While we don’t claim to be mental health experts, we are acutely aware that each person we speak with has very real emotions tied to their financial future, and overcoming any mental obstacles where money is concerned can be a critical component to their overall financial wellness.

While there are a number of ways to support yourself in surmounting various money-related mental roadblocks, we have found that the following first steps can help:

  • Take care of your overall mental wellness. Many of us feel like we’re in a constant uphill battle when it comes to reaching our financial goals, and this can be impacted very strongly by our general mental state. 

  • Remember that the perspective you were taught growing up may or may not serve your financial goals. Many of our clients share stories about the financial philosophies or “rules” with which they were raised, and many of those teachings just aren’t helpful in today’s financial landscape. Yes, some wisdom from the past can absolutely guide us toward healthier financial futures (for instance, budgeting basics haven’t changed much of the years, although there are a number of modern nuances), but in a number of other ways, the math doesn’t quite add up. Finding the strategies that work for you is incredibly important. After all, it’s your financial picture! 

  • Remember that you are probably more in-tune with your financial needs than you realize. A lack of confidence in their own financial knowledge is the # 1 factor that we see holding folks back. Yes, there are a lot of components to the world of finance that can seem mysterious or perplexing, but the basics are more logical than many people realize. Seeking guidance from a financial professional is often a good idea, but many of our clients find that they are more well-informed than they ever gave themselves credit for!

What’s your money story? We'd love to hear it!

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