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Summer Home Security Tips

Your home is your pride and joy and you should always feel safe and secure when you are in it.

Summer is upon us and the warmer temperatures mean we are spending a lot more time outside, enjoying our grounds. Employ these simple tips to make safety a priority on your property. They will make it easy for you to have fun in the outdoors without worrying about hazardous or potentially dangerous conditions. These tips will also help you protect your home from being a target for invasions. 1. Keep Your Hedges Trimmed You never want your home to experience an intrusion from a home invader. Thick, overgrown hedges can offer hidden places for some home intruders to hide and wait for your home to be empty. Keep your hedges pruned back so that they still offer privacy and shade but cannot provide a hiding place to an unwanted guest. 2. Secure Your Package Deliveries There are some people who make it a habit to steal unopened packages waiting on porches. Designate a hidden pick up spot for delivery men such as the USPS or Amazon delivery to use and be quick about bringing packages into your home. You can protect the items that you buy and protect the overall security of your home by doing these things. 3. Make Sure Your Equipment is Secure Large tools and gardening implements are a popular target for thieves. These are easily portable, difficult to trace back to their owner and easy to sell. Too many people leave their equipment out on their property or stored in a shed that is easy to break into. Add a padlock or even just a stronger lock to the door of your shed or designate a spot on the inside of your home for your outdoor upkeep supplies. 4. Light the Environment Sufficiently Many dark corners means that there are more spaces for potential intruders to hide. Be sure to replace bulbs as soon as they burn out and keep on top of maintenance for your outdoor fixtures. You want your outside areas to be well lit to save yourself from trips and falls and illuminate the area to protect from burglars. Keeping the are well lighted can also help you navigate the outside, from arranging furniture to simply walking on a pathway. 5. At Least Pretend That Your Home is Protected by a Security Service It is surprisingly affordable and simple to sign up with a security service, but it is even cheaper to buy some stickers and signs that make you look like a customer. The threat of your home being protected can be enough to scare away any would be burglars. Make sure that you adequately protect your home and the people and things within it by making a few changes to your approach to home security. Remember that potential burglars enjoy it to be dark and they enjoy having a variety of hiding places to use.

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