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Business Planning & Consulting Services

At EViE, our advisors work with a wide range of individuals, including many who own a business. Small and mid-sized business owners, freelancers, and contractors can benefit from wealth management alongside financial planning just as non-business owners do. However, there are often more complex issues to consider as business and finances come together. We offer planning services and wealth management options specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of business owners, no matter where they are in the business cycle.

Business planning and consulting services are designed to assist business owners as well as freelancers and contract workers with the following features:

  • A full review of cash flow and recommendations for improving profits

  • Analysis of current or prospective benefits, including retirement plan options, group life and disability insurance, and financial wellness and education

  • Strategic planning around tax management and reduction

  • Guidance and planning regarding the sale or acquisition of a business

  • Executive compensation planning and tax strategy for highly compensated employees

  • Employee financial wellness program

  • Guidance on selecting or changing business structure

  • Exit and succession planning consulting

The EViE Business Owner/Freelancer Planning Process
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Managing a business alone can be overwhelming, particularly if you are taking on all responsibilities in every operational category.


However, you don’t have to do all of the heavy lifting by yourself. Our business planning and consulting services focus on relieving some of those responsibilities.

We accomplish this goal using a strategic process:

  • Discussion surrounding the unique aspects of your business or contract work, including a review of financial statements or projections, business structure, and employee demographics

  • Evaluation of business characteristics to determine best strategy moving forward

  • Recommendations and analysis discussion based on topics relevant to the business owner or freelancer

  •  Implementation of planning guidance

  • Periodic accountability and adjustment check-ins to ensure strategies implemented are working to the business owner’s benefit

We know each business operates differently, and the financial strategies needed to move to the next stage of business may be challenging to see without the help of a trusted advisor. We are here to help! Connect with us today for a free consultation regarding your business planning and consulting needs. 

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